VOIP phone

If you have internet with us, we'll help you get a phone line with 2talk.

WiFiConnect is not a phone service provider but we'll help our customers get started with a 2talk.co.nz voice account.

2talk provide a prepaid VOIP service at competitive rates with plans starting at $11.50 per month.
Your existing (and still active) local phone numbers can be transferred to 2talk for $23 per number.

Please note: WiFiConnect charge a one-off setup fee of $45. When setup is complete, you will manage your account directly with 2talk.

To get started

Choose "Add 2talk voice" when applying for an internet connection with us; or email onboarding@wificonnect.co.nz if you're an existing customer.

What is a VOIP phone?

A VOIP phone handles phone calls using the internet; whereas the traditional landline runs over copper wires.