Fibre broadband

For anyone with access to the New Zealand fibre network.

Fibre is the latest advancement in broadband technology and the fastest connection to the internet ever. Faster data transfer is achieved by transmitting light rather than electrical currents. The rollout of fibre cabling is continuing throughout New Zealand and more households are gaining access every day.

We can supply a fibre connection to anyone in New Zealand whose home or business has access to the fibre network.

All our plans include unlimited data.
Pricing includes GST.

$79 / month
+ 12 month contract or $165 for a router and no contract


$89 / month
+ 12 month contract or $165 for a router and no contract


Let's talk / month

Customised speeds

A 12 month contract includes a FREE router ($180 early termination fee applies).
You can opt for no contract and pay $165 to purchase our router.

Stated speeds are based on theoretical maximums and actual speeds will be affected by various factors e.g. NZ and overseas networks, your modem, internal home wiring, device WiFi capability and environmental factors.