Wireless broadband

Only available in selected townships.

Wireless internet is the only cost effective solution for some rural households and rural businesses that don't have access to standard network infrastructure. Our infrastructure consists of long range fixed wireless towers that beam internet straight to your home or business. It's fast enough to stream online videos smoothly and use multiple devices connected to the internet at once. Our wireless network is a line-of-sight service, so if your home or business falls within our wireless coverage areas (usually if a tower can be seen from your home or business) it is likely we can connect you, with great value for money.

All our plans include unlimited data.
Pricing includes GST.

$50 / month
+ $395 one-off setup fee


Or pay $12.50 / week one month in advance

$80 / month
+ $395 one-off setup fee


Ideal for medium to heavy users

Pro & Business
$120 / month
+ $395 one-off setup fee


For heavy residential users, Businesses and Farms

The one-off setup fee applies to any new wireless connection requests. It covers installation, an antenna and a router.
Extra installation charges may apply for non-standard installation. We will inform you prior to any work done.

Stated speeds are based on theoretical maximums and actual speeds will be affected by various factors e.g. NZ and overseas networks, your modem, internal home wiring, device WiFi capability and environmental factors.

Help with setup fees

Community Services or Senior Gold card holders in the following areas can pay the setup fee with $200 upfront and the rest over 6 months.

  • Tolaga Bay
  • Te Whaiti, Minginui & Ngaputahi
  • Murupara & Galatea
  • Ruatahuna
  • Kawerau

Other coverage areas

We work with great companies who provide WiFi services in the following areas.
Please note: they have different pricing plans to WiFiConnect.

East Cape

(excluding Tolaga Bay)

TokoNet provides internet services to many areas of the East Coast using a network of Gisborne.Net repeaters.


Wairoa district and Pūtōrino south to Tūtira

$75 per month (incl GST) for unlimited data. Setup fee depends upon your distance from Wairoa.

For more info contact Leon: 06 8375 998


Gisborne.Net supplies Gisborne residents with broadband at competitive city rates.