There are no known outages on our network

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Resolved network outages

Franz Josef - Solar issues at Omoeroa tower due to weather
Reported: 17 June 2022 10:19AM; Resolved 18 June 2022

Hokitika - We've had a lightning strike to the Blue Spur tower. We're working on getting replacement equipment.
Reported 15 June 2022; Updated 16 June 2022; Resolved 18 June 2022

Ngaputahi, Ruatahuna & Papueru - Solar power issues with Rangiahua link due to weather conditions.
Reported 14 June 2022; Resolved 16 June 2022

Galatea - We’re experiencing problems with the network that may be affecting some connections. We are monitoring the situation. Apologies for any inconvenience.
Reported 12 June 2022; Resolved 15 June 2022

South of Haast - Solar power issues with Mt Watney tower due to weather conditions.
Reported 12 June 2022; Resolved 13 June 2022

Hokitika - Solar power issues on Mt French due to weather conditions. This will be resolved as soon as we get a chopper up there. Apologies for the inconvenience.
Reported 9 June 2022; Resolved 12 June 2022