Our Technical Helpdesk can help with your WiFiConnect internet connection.
Phone 0800 114 973 or email support@wificonnect.co.nz.

What is the install process for fixed wireless?

When an online application form is submitted for wireless broadband, we remotely check line-of-sight using geospatial software.

If a location is not within our coverage areas or the line-of-sight to our tower is clearly obscured, we will reject the application.

When line-of-sight looks clear or there is uncertainty about line-of-sight (e.g. property is surrounded by large trees), a job request is sent to our local technician who will arrange a visit for signal testing and/or installation.

If we cannot get a signal at all, there is no charge to the applicant.

Our usual lead time for installations is up to 2 weeks as our technicians have to schedule around weekday availability, weather conditions for health and safety and distance of travel.

What is the install process for fibre?

When an online application form is submitted for fibre broadband, a job request is sent to Chorus.

In some circumstances, such as shared driveways and apartments, a job may need to follow Chorus' consent process.

When consent is not required, or has been successfully gained, we will schedule the 2 earliest appointments for Chorus technicians to visit your property.

The first is a scoping appointment. Someone will need to be home to make decisions regarding the install. Chorus technicians will visit to plan how to run fibre from the street into the house. Permission from landlords is required and an end-user agreement needs to be signed.

The second is the install appointment where Chorus technicians will complete the install as agreed in the scoping appointment.

Chorus dispatch will TXT or call 7 days prior as a reminder and their technician will call before or on the day to arrange exact timings.

What is the process when moving house? [wireless connections]

Send us a request for relocation and we'll use geospatial software to remotely check line-of-sight for your new location. If your new location is not in our coverage areas or line-of-sight is clearly obscured, we won't be able to reconnect you. If our check passes or is inconclusive (e.g. property is surrounded by large trees) our local technician will arrange a visit for signal testing and/or installation.

We won't charge you if our technician can't reconnect you but we will charge you the wireless equipment relocation fee for a successful reconnect.

Our usual lead time is up to 2 weeks as our technicians will schedule around weekday availability, weather conditions (health and safety) and travel distances.

Please give at least 2 weeks notice to ensure we can do the work required before you vacate.

What do you mean by 'line of sight'?

To access our fixed wireless services, your house must be within line-of-sight of one of our long-range wireless repeaters. We can only confirm this on a case-by-case basis and in some cases this will require a visit to your property by one of our local technicians.

How much data can I use?

Your internet is uncapped which means you can use as much data as you want, there is no limit.

What will the wireless broadband equipment on my property look like?

To receive the signal ommitted by our repeaters, we will need to install an antenna on the roof of your house (like a sky dish but smaller). A cable is run into your house; it normally comes up under your floor and into a area that has access to a power plug. We then leave a WiFi router that beams internet around your house for various devices.

Do I need a WiFi router?

No. You don't need a WiFi router to access the internet from your roof antenna. Your computer can still be connected via cable. But if you have multiple devices (especially mobile phones) it is recommended that you setup WiFi access within your home.

How do I pay?

Read our how to pay page.

How can I get a statement of my account?

Email billing@wificonnect.co.nz or use our contact form and we will arrange to send out a statement.

Do you provide wireless coverage in my area?

Please see our section on wireless broadband for more information on where our services are provided.

Not on the list? We can co-locate with your school's ultra fast fibre optic connection to then WiFi to houses in your township. Get your school or community leaders involved by contacting us.

How does wireless broadband work if we have a concrete house?

You can either have a hole drilled through the bottom of your wall and seal it with silicone or through the roof eaves and into the ceiling then down the wall inside the house.

My internet is not working

Run through the following troubleshooting steps before contacting us:
  1. Has your antenna on the roof shifted position?
  2. Check the cable from the outside antenna into your house. Has it been cut or bitten? (Dogs like to chew the cable; especially under the house)
  3. The black cable from the outside antenna must go into the square end of the white twin cable.
  4. The small green light should be bright on the white twin cable. If not, check that the power plug is plugged in and switched on.
  5. Are all of the cables clicked in to their ports?
  6. Is your router plugged in and lights showing?
  7. Try rebooting the antenna by taking the power cable out of the twin white cable for 10 seconds and then powering up again.
  8. Try rebooting the WiFi router by turning it off at the wall for 10 seconds and then powering up again.
  9. You can bypass the WiFi router by taking the twin white cable out of the router and putting it straight into your computer. If this works then you have a WiFi router problem.
If you are still having issues, phone our technical helpdesk on 0800 114 973 or support@wificonnect.co.nz.
We only have the capacity for technical support during business hours 8:30am-5pm Mon-Fri. Leave a message after hours and someone will get back to you.

What are your fees?

Download our Pricing & Fees document.